The exhibit's official name is Mori Building Interactive Art Museum: Epson teamLab Borderless. It is based in the Palette Town of Odaiba and is quickly becoming a must-see for both visitors and locals. The wildly photographable digital wonderland lives up to its 'borderless' tag, the crown jewel of teamLab, a groundbreaking art group consisting of designers, developers, CG animators and more. Take a quick sneak peek at an eye-popping digital art museum in Tokyo.


0:00 - Infinite Lamps Room
1:55 - Crystal World (Light Strands)
4:25 - Forest of Flowers
12:38 - Chasing Crows
14:46 - Animals of Flowers and Walk, Walk, Walk (of Animals)
15:03 - Lights Dancing on Lily pads (Official name: "The Way of The Sea in the Memory of Topography - Colors of Life")


  • Address: Odaiba Palette Town 2F, 1-3-8 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan
  • Admission: 3,200 JPY (adults), 1,000 JPY (children), 1,600 JPY (disabled with disability certificate)


For more information: Teamlab DIGITAL ART MUSEUM teamLab Borderless

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