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Tokyo River Cruise Water Bus Mizube Boat in 360 8K VR video (隅田川水上バス)

The Tokyo Mizube boat line is popular among residents and tourists alike. The biggest strength of this water bus line is a large number of boarding areas. There are eighteen different boarding spots along the Sumida River, extending from Asakusa to Azusawa, Itabashi, and all the way to Saitama's prefectural border. The Arakawa River flows parallel to the Sumida River, and the Tokyo Mizube Line's boats sail to Edogawa's Kasai Rinkai Park from the eastern end of Tokyo. There are no reservations needed for the sightseeing vessels, and an English-language audio guide is available onboard. It's easy to overlook that Tokyo is surrounded by water: Tokyo Bay is from the east, rivers and canals flow through the metropolis into mountain ranges. From water sports to sightseeing and dinner cruises, let's get to know another part of the city by exploring its scenic waterways. Tokyo is, in reality, a water city. The southeastern portion of Tokyo faces Tokyo Bay, and the Sumida River has served as Tokyo's seaport since ancient times. This proximity to the ocean has always drawn people to it, and you can still see many ships sailing on the rivers and Tokyo Bay today. Water buses, or suijo buses in Japanese, are among such vehicles. In recent years, these one-of-a-kind boat taxis have grown in popularity, especially among tourists. These water buses do more than transport you from one location to another; they also have breathtaking views of Tokyo and, in some cases, one-of-a-kind culinary experiences.


0:00 - Board Boat
0:06 - Red Bridge
1:42 - Blue Bridge
3:01 - Green Bridge
5:03 - Tour Inside Boat
8:40 - Deep Blue Bridge ...
20:06 - Arrived


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