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Travel Sakura Blossoms near Hirai Station



Seeing the cherry blossoms, or sakura is the highlight of springtime sightseeing in Japan. This is Japan's most beautiful time of year when the cherry blossoms bloom boldly in various shades of pink. Early cherry blossoms can be seen along the Kyunaka River in eastern Tokyo, with the Tokyo Skytree in the distance. These early spring blossoms are called Kawazu-zakura. Along the Kyunaka River promenade, there are 30 kawazu-zakura trees. Everyone can stroll along the river and enjoy the sakura at their leisure. Trains pass by on the iron bridge that crosses the river, making this a perfect place for train enthusiasts and sakura fans. As we see today, many people are out taking pictures, especially families.


Hirai Station (JR Sobu line) is the nearest station to this river. The path along the river is a 10-minute stroll from both stations. With one transfer, Hirai Station is about 10-15 minutes away from Tokyo Station. You can get there in about 30 minutes without moving trains from Shinjuku Station. It could be difficult to locate the spot. On Google Maps, search for the Fureaibashi Bridge that crosses the Kyunaka River, and you should be able to find this spot.

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