To international travellers who need access to the internet, free wireless hotspots are an increasingly viable alternative to rental phones and prepaid SIM cards. In Japan, WiFi hotspots can be found around
  • airports
  • train stations (many shinkansen stations and in Tokyo around Yamanote Line)
  • hotels
  • other outlets (restaurants, coffee shops, fast food restaurants, convenience stores, etc.)
but are usually out of the question if you require a more reliable internet connection or internet access for multiple devices.

In such cases, pocket WiFi devices might be the best solution for international visitors.

Mobile Hotspot rental from Ninja WiFi

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What is a Mobile WiFi Router?

A device that allows you to use the Internet on your smartphone, tablet, etc. by connecting to the local mobile phone network. By connecting to the local mobile phone network, you can enjoy the Internet as usual without incurring expensive overseas packet communication fees.

How to use Ninja WiFi

  1. Sign up: you can pick up your router directly at the airport (sign-up one to three days in advance required) or have it delivered to any address in Japan (sign-up three days in advance).
  2. Payment: via credit card upon online sign-up or payment with your credit card through a separate payment page.
  3. Return: different methods and places for pick-up and return are possible, for example: [Pick-up] Narita Airport → [Return] Kansai International Airport; [Pick-up] Haneda Airport → [Return] via Delivery Service.


A Ninja Wifi 4G LTE mobile hotspot device



Standard Plan (SoftBank): 900 yen + tax / day

  • Broadband Carrier: Softbank
  • Model: Pocket WiFi 303ZT
  • Broadband Standard: SoftBank 4G LTE/SoftBank 4G
  • Data Limit: unlimited (exceeding 3GB in a day can result in a loss of speed and possibly a temporary loss of connection.)
  • Downloading Speed: SoftBank 4G: Maximum Downloading Speed at 165 Mbps; SoftBank 4G LTE: Maximum Downloading Speed at 187.5 Mbps
  • Max Uploading Speed: SoftBank 4G: Maximum Uploading Speed at 10 Mbps; SoftBank 4G LTE: Maximum Uploading Speed at 37.5 Mbps