The Matsudaira Tombs (会津藩主松平家墓所 院内御廟 Aizuhan shumatsu dairake bosho in'naigobyō) are located in the southeastern part of Aizuwakamatsu, close to Higashiyama Village, on a hill not far from the Aizu Bukeyashiki samurai mansions.

The mountain contains the tombs of eight out of nine generations of the Matsudaira lords, from the second to the ninth daimyo of Aizu:
  • Hoshina Masatsune (保科正経, 1669–1681)
  • Matsudaira Masakata (松平正容, 1681–1731)
  • Matsudaira Katasada (松平容貞, 1731–1750)
  • Matsudaira Katanobu (松平容頌, 1750–1805)
  • Matsudaira Kataoki (松平容住, 1805)
  • Matsudaira Katahiro (松平容衆, 1806–1822)
  • Matsudaira Katataka (松平容敬, 1822–1852)
  • Matsudaira Katamori (松平容保, 1852–1868)

The gravesite of the first lord of Aizu, Hoshina Masayuki (保科正之, 1643–1669) is at Hanitsu Shrine in Inawashiro. While Masatsune was buried in a Buddhist-style tomb, all his successors were buried in peculiar tortoise-shaped Shinto-style tombs. Along with the lords of Aizu, there are numerous graves of family members and retainers. Each Shinto-style tomb consists of three stone blocks.

The site was designated a “National Historic Site” in 1987.

Access: you can reach the Matsudaira Family Tombs by Aizu City Bus (A12/16 or H25/29 station, “Innai”). Follow the signs and the path up the hill (five minutes walk). Please refer to our Aizuwakamatsu page for more information on transportation.

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