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Travel Kanda River Sakura Viewing Walk (360 video)


A vast expanse of cherry trees runs alongside the Kanda River, one of Tokyo's major traditional waterways. The river's most fascinating part was once known as the Edo river (Edogawa in Japanese), not to be mistaken with the Edo river to the east (which used to be called Edo river flood bypass). This name can still be found in Edogawa Park and Edogawabashi station. This portion, which runs from the Waseda Tram Station to Iidabashi Station, is breathtakingly gorgeous with Sakura trees. Furthermore, this area was regarded as one of Tokyo's finest cherry blossom spots until the early twentieth century. The capital's top sakura viewing path was between Ishikiri bridge (near Edogawabashi Station) and Ryukei bridge (near Iidabashi station). Sadly, a freeway has been built across the river, but the river section west of Edogawabashi Station is still beautiful.

Remarkably, this primary Tokyo neighbourhood does not appear on many lists of Tokyo's best sakura spots. That's better for you and me since that means it'll be less crowded. The best time to walk along the river is during sakura season, but this walk is pleasant year-round. Many heritage sites can be found along the way. Edogawa Park hosts a concert during the sakura season. Of course, many people are doing hanami, and vendors sell traditional Japanese festive fare. The Kanda River, located in central Tokyo, is a lesser-known sakura location with limited tourist traffic. The river is just a short distance if you take the Arakawa Tram (also referred to as the Sakura Tram), all the way up to Waseda Station. The scene is analogous to that of Meguro River, but there are far fewer people here. The cherry trees here are old, but their enormous density makes for a jaw-dropping impact when in full bloom, and the riversides and bridges will be strung with colourful pink lanterns.

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