Harimazaka is a neighbourhood in Tokyo's Bunkyou-ku. The location (播磨坂さくら並木 Harimazaka Sakura-namiki) is just a short distance from Myogadani Station (茗荷谷駅) on the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line. After going through Kasugadoori and walking through Kasugadoori, there will be a large road intersection at which cherry blossom display called Harimazaka.


There are about 130 Someiyoshino cherry trees in bloom, and the view is breathtaking as tourists walk down the hill and see these incredible cherry blossoms. Many people carry their own sitting mats to the Harimazaka Cherry Blossoms Avenue site during the flowering season. The slope's end is the end of Japan's National Route 3 and nearby is the entry to Koishikawa Botanical Garden (小石川植物園).


〒112-0002 Tokyo, Bunkyo City, Koishikawa, 24, 4、5丁目境

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